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What does a coach do? Well,in my case, my first goal is to teach you to age backwards–to live a longer, healthier, more vibrant life. As you age backwards, you become more vibrant and healthy in all areas of your life. You have more energy, and more creativity. I am both a life coach and a health coach and I guide you to have more of what you want in every area of your life!
* Your body
* Your finance
* Your relationships
* Your job

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Dr. Jeanne is a retired Dr. of Chiroparactic. She has the extensive scientific training of Chiropractic College. For 40 years she studied the best ways to heal disease and to stay well. She has been blessed to have studied with the best of the best in terms of deep healing techniques of many kinds so that she has a great many tools to draw from.

She have learned Chiropractic techniques as well as ways to facilitate deep healing, releasing limiting beliefs, forgiveness; diet, nutrition and lifestyle; homeopathy, herbs and flower essences. The new Functional Medicine Physicians are brining awesome new information to light most of which are things we can do ourselves to become healthier.


Can you really have vibrant, glowing health? Can you really defy death? Yes you can! And I have learned many powerful tools to do that.
Let me tell you my story. Over 30 years ago I entered chiropractic college. I was studying or in class at least 14 hours six days a week. At the end of our first summer break, I had a spot on the left side of my nose right where my glasses sat. Even after I started wearing reading glasses which did not sit on the spot, it remained.
About a year after I graduated from chiropractic college – oh what a glorious day that was—to wear a doctoral gown and receive a doctoral hood. It was a day beyond anything I’d ever imagined. But I digress the spot on my nose was diagnosed as a mild form of carcinoma. I was told it would get bigger and uglier but that it was no threat to my life. I knew that having it surgically removed would almost certainly spread the cancer cells to other parts of my body because surgery releases the cells into the bloodstream.
I chose to leave it and it did indeed get bigger and quite ugly. But nothing about it appeared to be in any way life-threatening. Until one day I looked in the mirror—it had doubled in size and was bleeding and itching. A week later it had almost doubled in size again. I knew I was in trouble.
Malignant melanoma is deadly. It kills quickly and there is very little that can be done for it. The only real choice that traditional medicine gave me was to have most of my nose cut off followed by radiation therapy and then years of reconstructive surgery.
I could not live with that choice. I was in my mid-70s and my husband had Alzheimer’s Disease. I had to find another choice.
The first thing I did, was have a talk with my youngest daughter. I told her I was afraid. She asked to pray with me and I will always believe that led me to the right choices. My oldest daughter reminded me that I taught EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) an believed it was very powerful. Together we began doing EFT focusing on allaying the horrendous fear that frequently accompanies this kind of diagnosis.
I also wanted to know the best medical holistic techniques. So I went looking for natural cures. Two women had achieved a 95% cure rate with cancer patients. I knew that kind of success was worth learning about. I followed my inner guidance and chose the best both had to offer.
Less than a year later my nose was totally clear. There was no scar—only beautiful skin. Do not doubt for one minute that I am overwhelmingly grateful for these four women who helped me in such effective ways and that I made the choice to look for alternatives and find a cure.
I have proved in my own life as well as many I have worked with that what I teach works—sometimes miraculously. Therefore, I think I have the unique qualities of combining my medical training with my spiritual training to offer information that encompasses both. I offer you the best of the best of what I have learned both in dealing with my own health and with patients. And it’s pretty awesome.
That’s the story where my health is concerned. And I have many powerful stories about my life. I have lost through death a daughter and two husbands. And through the spiritual and emotional tools I have learned, I have come through each to live life of great joy as well as health. These are tools I also teach those who would like to learn them.
So truly, I have expertise in many areas that can bring joy, health and prosperity to your life. It is one of my great joys to watch people live healthier, happier and longer lives.Again we invite you to call for your complimentary 30-minute consultation with Dr. Jeannewhere you can ask her your questions and learn what she can do to help you!

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