Our charges

LET’S TALK FINANCES RIGHT UP FRONT so you know exactly what is expected. Because Dr. Jeanne wants everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from her skill and caring, she has a limited number of appointments available to new patients on a love offering basis–that means whatever you feel you can pay. They will fill fast, so we suggest you apply today.Just email drjeanneh@msn.com and put application in the subject line.  We will send you the short application. Most of her sessions are held over the phone, so no matter where you live in the United States, Dr. Jeanne is able to work with you.

She says, “My gifts were given to me by God and I want to share them” Those who have worked with her will tell you that she has such an amazing amount of knowledge and expertise in helping people.

However, her knowledge and expertise were expensive in time, energy and money. What she does is unique and has given people back their lives and helped many others become far healthier and happier. She is a holistic coach who works with mind, body and spirit. She wants to help you balance your body and share tools that can illumine your mind and spirit. She does not want anyone to miss the opportunity to work with her because they fear they can’t afford it. So she freely offers he knowledge, expertise and caring . She gives more than just the time she spends with you. Before each appointment, she spends time—usually at least half an hour—prayerfully considering what she can best do to help you.

Paying for the care you receive is part of the cure. We don’t tend to value what is offered free. We will not even suggest to you what to pay. I just ask that you give with love. Know whatever you can give will be accepted gratefully.

We just ask you to think about the value of what you receive, remembering that your health is priceless.


If you miss an appointment and do not cancel 24 hours before the appointment, you will be charged $100. Dr. Jeanne’s commitment to you is to keep appointments and we ask the same commitment from you.

Because we all have emergencies, you will not be charged for the first appointment you cancel within the 24 hours before your appointment. If you do not call at all, you will always be charged.

 HOMEOPATHICS, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, FLOWER REMEDIES, HERBS AND ANY OTHER PRODUCTS I RECOMMEND: These you will be charged for and we ask for a deposit of the estimated price before we order them for you.

Dr. Jeanne will formulate a program just for you, if you wish. She will always give you the best I have to give. But healing is your job. She can teach, she can help you, but you are ultimately responsible for your health. Success is more likely with an experienced coach and it’s always easier to be part of a team. So as long as you are doing you part, she’ll be right there with you. And she’ll love watching you improve as you get better and better every day.