Becoming Bestemor

Becoming Bestemor
BECOMING BESTEMOR–the story of Danish immigrants, Marie and J.C. Jensen and their 21 children by Dr. Jeanne Hounshell

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Shhhh IN THIS HISTORICAL ROMANCE, I had to eavesdrop on my grandparent’s to tell you about their private lives.
BESTEMOR comes to the land of the windmill bringing family values and great courage.
This epic inspirational fiction about Danish immigrants and their 21 children will draw you in and keep you turning the pages to the last touching episode.
When JC’s first wife was dying, she asks him to send money to
Denmark for her sister to come raise their seven children. The sister refused, but her daughter, 19-year-old Marie, says “I’ll go.” T You’ll go back to the day when young Marie crossed the ocean alone knowing she’d never see her parents again and rushed headlong into her dream. This fantastic book tells of her pioneer life, the windmills that sustain them, her marriage to JC and their 21 children.o see pictures of JC, his first wife, and Marie as a child and much more, click here.
If you are ready to own this fantastic book, click on the book cover to the right. Come back often to read more excerpts from this book. But do not miss Dr. Jeanne’s wonderful way of bringing history alive and dropping you delightfully into a day long gone never to return.
Dr. Jeanne Hounshell has written another historical romance book about courageous women and men based on the lives of real people. It is the story of the strong family values Marie brought from Denmark. BECOMING BESTEMOR is inspirational fiction at its best. You will laugh with the antics of the huge family of 21 children and you will cry at the unbearable heartbreak and hardships these pioneers endured. You’ll live every moment with these courageous women among the windmills of Neberaska in this inspiring historical romance and understand why readers say they couldn’t put it down and that they fell in love with Marie and those terrific children.

Bestemor and Bestefar’s 50th wedding anniversary..

Bestefar and Bestemor
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