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Dr. Jeanne will spend time with you, listen with great caring so together we can find the reason for your challenges, remove the blocks and you can live the vibrant, balanced, harmonious life you deserve. She is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic. To learn more about Dr. Jeanne and what she does including her own story of healing totally from advanced Melanoma Carcinoma naturally, go here

Dr Jeanne can do wonders over the phone so wherever you live she can help you change your life and get on track to aging backwards.

We invite you to call to set an appointment for a complimentary 30 minute consultation so that you understand how she can help you. 949-542-7831


Finding the true reason we age and get sick
Empowering and teaching you to live a vibrant healthy life.
Truly listening to you and carefully assessing how to help you
Stress Reduction and management
Reversing Chronic Illness
Detoxifying your body and your home
Balancing your body and neurological system
Assessing and relieving allergies
Deep healing from Loss and grief to bring you back to health, joy and light
Releasing cellular memory from previous traumas (both emotional and physical)
Nutritional Counseling, herbs, homeopathy and nutritional support
Uncut flower essences for deep change at every level

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